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use of Modular belt in safety scanner

Selmatec Securities and Holger Securities specialise in areas for detection and security clearance between zones and border crossings. Their services and products are in daily use to limit the possibility of terrorist acts, smuggling of weapons, explosives and drugs etc.

When it comes to safety at airports, Selmatec Securities delivers machines for hand luggage, checked luggage, special luggage, cargo, metal detectors and particle detectors.

For some scanners used for cargo, the Habasit M2620 Heavy Duty modular belt has proven to be a very good alternative to the standard rollers normally used.

Flexible modular belt with large capacity

“Being able to offer the Flat Top Heavy Duty modular belt to our customers is great for us. This belt takes flexibility to a different level,” says Bøye Einang of Selmatec Securities.

Flexible modular system

The belt consists of modules, so the length, width and shape can be adapted to the machine. There is also a choice of colours. “On some machines we have used coloured modules to mark where the trolley should be placed. There is 30-50 cm between each coloured section, so no one should be in any doubt about where to place the trolley,” explains Einang.

Maintenance is easy. You only need to replace individual modules if they are damaged.

Easy screening of trolleys

It is practically impossible to transport trolleys on ordinary conveyor belts. That means that all goods arriving on trolleys must be transferred to pallets. On a modular belt, however, trolleys with wheels can easily be moved through the system. This is a big advantage with dairy products or foodstuffs, which are mainly delivered on wheels.

Installing M2620 Heavy Duty on scanner

Robust and tight-fitting grip-top system

Einang says that the modular system is mainly used on cargo machines that will handle larger packages. “The modular belts are used in places like airports, where huge quantities of goods are delivered every single day. Everything that enters the airport must be screened. Everything from food and washing equipment, to all duty free,” explains Einang. “The belts must carry huge tonnages day in, day out, so it is crucial that they are robust and durable. The belts are made of high impact plastic and do not break,” he says.

Another advantage of the modular system is that it is tight-fitting. All goods, large and small, can be transported without the risk of anything being lost during screening. This is a familiar challenge in roller conveyors, where letters or small items can slip between the rollers and be hidden under the machine.

Large heavy packages wrapped in smooth plastic are often left spinning on rollers. The modular belt has a solid grip top to ensure that plastic-packed goods pass through easily.

M2620 Flat Top Heavy Duty

  • Grip top
  • High impact (POM)
  • High strength and stiffness
  • Closed hinge
  • Suitable for material and goods scanners
Customised for each customer

Modular belts are suitable for most screening applications. Even if the machines are initially manufactured with roller conveyors, Selmatec Securities can supply them with modular belts customised for each customer. Modular belts can also be retrofitted to machines that are already being used by the customer.

“We are excited to present modular belts as an option for our customers. Our customers include airports and public buildings, and they tell us they are very satisfied with the solution,” concludes Einang.

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