Dear reader,

Welcome to the first issue of Habasit Highlights for 2020.

In the local pages of this edition, we’re proud to present one of our biggest successes, which we have accomplished together with one of our customers, Selmatec Securities. By using a Habasit M2620 Heavy Duty flat-top modular belt on their cargo security scanner machines, they can offer more flexible and reliable solutions for their customers.

In addition, we have included a brief but broad presentation of Habasit’s organization and business in the Nordic market.

Poultry – Habasit’s Global Industry Key Account Manager for the poultry industry will offer an insight into the chicken industry and the challenges posed in relation to hygiene, and as well as into how these tasks can be fulfilled using Habasit products. In particular, the new SuperHyclean modular belt is a totally new product and patent-pending concept that we’re looking forward to introducing to the market this year. SuperHyclean represents a new standard in its field and offers a revolutionary solution for plastic modular belts for the wet food industry. Find out more on pages 6 and 7.

Automation – To boost efficiency, automated intralogistics systems are increasingly being implemented in production units and warehouses around the globe. One of Habasit’s customers, Europa Systems from Poland, is a leading manufacturer of these kinds of systems. You’ll find more details in a fascinating interview and article on pages 8 and 9.

In this edition of Habasit Highlights we also take the opportunity to present Habasit’s marketing communication team.

Thank you for your interest, and we hope you will find the content interesting and useful.

Team Habasit AB


Edition 01/2020

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