Habasit in Hindås is the company group’s main hub in the Nordics

Habasit AB has been located in Hindås, east of Gothenburg, since 1970. It is the main hub of Habasit’s operations in the Nordic countries, housing a wide range of services and departments that are all key to the company’s business in northern Europe.

Customer Care – Efficient order processing and support to meet customers’ demands

The Customer Care team at Habasit AB receives orders from and serves all Nordic Habasit customers. Together with the sales representatives, it is the company’s main link to the market. In addition to the Customer Care agents, the team consists of two purchasers controlling the product flow from our production units. Most orders are placed via email (at order.se@habasit.com), and the rest are placed via telephone. It is generally recommended that urgent orders are placed by calling the Customer Care team at 46 301 226 30, between 8:00 and 17:00 on weekdays (15:00 on Fridays).

Habasit AB in Hindås

As Habasit’s product portfolio has expanded over the years, so has the need for a dedicated team handling both inquiries from customers as well as the communication with suppliers and subsidiaries around the world. Customers’ questions vary a lot, and concern everything from delivery dates to which belt to choose, product or application design, and a lot more.

The Customer Care team in Hindås is a very engaged and dynamic group of people (eight in total, four women and four men), that are used to handling highly varying inquiries and concerns. They continually take part in training programs in order to further improve their knowledge of the company’s services, products, applications, routines, and business system.


The Sales Force – Working with a wide range of industries

The Habasit sales force seeks to provide customers with offers and solutions that can be mutually beneficial both to the customers and to Habasit. This is often done by means of a value proposition, in which the values and benefits of a certain product or application are clearly demonstrated to the customer. Understanding and meeting the needs of the customer tends to create more (and more long-term) value, compared to merely offering a cheaper product than one’s competitors.

Habasit has customers in all the Nordic countries, as well as the Faroe Islands, representing a multitude of industries. Each of these countries has its key industries, with which Habasit tends to be particularly involved. Some examples of this are the wood and forestry industry in Finland, bakeries in Sweden, and the fishing industry in Norway and Iceland.

Customer Care representative

Habasit’s sales representatives can be divided into different groups, depending on the type of customer and what kind of service they need. Sales Technicians have a clear technical profile, and can conduct fitting, maintenance and other sorts of service work themselves. Most customers are handled by Account Managers, with Key Account Managers being responsible for international corporate groups as well as Habasit’s Distribution Partners. The sales representatives work in close cooperation with A&PM – the Application and Product Management department – in order to find the right solutions for Habasit’s customers.

Application and Product Management – Providing additional sales support and product expertise

The A&PM department in Hindås includes Habasit’s product management in Scandinavia, and decides which products to sell on the Nordic market. The department regularly arranges courses and training programs for Habasit­ personnel as well as the company’s partners, in order to provide them with an even greater knowledge of the company’s products. The department has two product managers, who can provide additional support and expertise when needed.

Admin CC Sale

Habasit AB mostly supplies products and belt materials from Habasit affiliated suppliers and production units. However, when something needs to be ordered from an external supplier, it is the A&PM department that is responsible for selecting and approving that external supplier. Lead time and pricing are two of the main parameters that are taken into consideration by the A&PM representative, in addition to production quality.

The Production Department – Skilled and flexible, with a special standby team

The production unit in Hindås employs eighteen people, working with a wide variety of operations. These include the measuring and cutting of belt material, punching and melting by using a heating press, fitting, bevelling, grinding, glue application, sealing of belt edges, packing of goods, warehousing, and much more.

Every order is unique, meaning that the manufacturing process can only be automated to a very limited extent. It also means that the personnel consists of highly skilled craftsmen, working with great care and accuracy. The work follows the principles of LEAN production, and involves regular education and training in order to meet the varying (and evolving) demands of Habasit’s customers. Orders from Nordic companies are usually delivered to the customer within a day or two.

Production Truck

While there is no night shift in the workshop, there is always a conveyor belt fitter on 24-7 duty. Since 2015, there has been a special on-site fitting team in Hindås that can help customers in the event of an emergency. Many companies require external maintenance assistance well outside ordinary business hours, since a lot of their production takes place at night; not least within the food industry. This means that five of the fitters in Hindås are on a rotating five-week-schedule, where one of them is on duty around the clock, throughout the week. The customer can reach the team member on duty via the standby team hotline.

The Administration – Responsible for accounting and ISO compliance

The accounts department in Hindås handles all incoming customer payments and supplier invoices, whereas billing and complaints are handled by the Customer Care team. The department also handles the administrative duties for Habasit’s Norwegian subsidiary, Habasit Norge AS.

Habasit AB is certified according to the standards of ISO 9001. An ISO 9001 certification confirms that the company’s operational processes are efficiently planned and well-documented. The certification extends to the company’s operations not only in Sweden, but in Denmark, Finland, and Iceland as well. Habasit Norge AS has received its own ISO 9001 certification, for its sales operation in Bergen.

The quality department in Hindås is responsible for making sure that the company is in compliance with the ISO 9001 standards, which stipulate that the company should continually work to improve its operations in a variety of areas; customer focus, coworker engagement, and leadership, for example.

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