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In this issue of Highlights, we are, at the pages for the Nordic countries, highlighting our standby team in Hindås. Always ready for emergency orders and fittings from customers 24-7. Learn about their experiences and some application related tips on page 4-5.

At the local pages you can also read about an application case where Habasit Cleandrive™ solved a hygiene issue and saved a lot of cleaning cost for the customer.

Do you believe the Paper industry is a long-term dying industry? In fact, it is the opposite! Read about this interesting industry sector on page 6 to 7, transforming to new products for new markets, mainly due to the sustainability trend.

On page 8 to 9, Mr. Veron at the company Canline who are producing equipment for the Canning industry is telling us about the development in the canning industry and is also explaining why canned food, in fact, is healthy.

The company Aqua Lupo is producing customized underwater treadmills for treatment of injured pets. Read about this unique belt application on page 11.

Social media is becoming more and more important for customers who like to be up-to-date with new developments and other industrial information. In order to fulfill this need, Habasit have since some time introduced an expert blog and are active at Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Details on page 12.

Enjoy reading the Highlights magazine,

Johan Tisell
Business Development Manager
Johan Tisell


Edition 02/2019

Highlights is published three times a year in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese.

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Editorial team: Shelby Stuart (ST)


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