Habasit`s hidden superpower

As children, and sometimes in our adult life, we dream of having some kind of superpower, like the ability to turn invisible on demand, to help us accomplish our goals or do good without being discovered. And although corporations rarely choose to follow that idea, Habasit has not forgotten the advantages of going unseen. Just like our belts are operating inconspicuously behind closed factory doors, we as a company also work in the background, making our customers shine instead.

This is why Habasit was recently mentioned in “Finanz und Wirtschaft`s” list of Hidden Champions, a selection of Swiss corporations, who may not be familiar to general public, but whose products are used each and every day.

One of the greatest compliments for us as a conveyor belt producer is when the customers forget the belts are there, because they run so smoothly. From the time the first shift comes to work in the morning until the last shift leaves, the belts keep the business moving without drawing too much attention to themselves. And conveyor belts are an essential feature in almost any production line, but they are not just confined to the factory. From working out on a treadmill to carrying consumer`s groceries down the checkout line to delivering airport luggage in one piece, society depends on reliable belts.

In the league of champions

“Finanz und Wirtschaft” made a rigorous selection of just eight Hidden Champions of the Swiss corporate world. The criteria were exact. Each company had to be a leading provider meeting international demand. The headquarters had to be in Switzerland and the company must also exceed a minimum turnover level. Habasit was well within the range as a leading industrial company. As a family-owned business more than 90% of our profits are re-invested directly back into the company, so it is no surprise that we continue to expand globally. The focus at Habasit remains on continued development of new solutions, which meet the cutting-edge demands of the ever-changing market.

For behind-the-scenes glimpses, read on!

Although Habasit may be discreet in its success, there are many stories to tell of unique applications and unexpected belt destinations. After all, many of the “visible” big corporations rely on Habasit belts in their production processes.

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Sonja StrimitzerMarketing

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