Sanovo Technology Netherlands: “The quality of individual egg treatment”

From the hatching to packaging of eggs, Sanovo Technology Netherlands is equipped for each stage of the processing plant. Their engineers assemble, test and install machines as well as providing on-site training for employees.

“During the entire process, we work closely together with international partners such as Habasit,” says El Mehdi Lasfar, the Operations Manager. “The company is internationally oriented, enjoys a good reputation and has a strong brand name.”

Founded in 1956, Staalkat became a subsidiary company of the Sanovo Technology Group ten years ago. Since 2006, Sanovo Technology Netherlands has been the name of the Staalkat family business. The Danish company specializes in every part of egg production from sorting the eggs, to packaging, as well as complete automation logistics.

Hard-boiled knowledge

Sanovo Technology is a global market leader in breaking eggs, processing the whites and the yolks, and producing egg powders for the food industry. The expertise of Sanovo specialists has been brought together to equip several competence centers across Europe.

“Sanovo Denmark specializes in 'liquid', that is separating the egg yolk and the egg white,” explains El Mehdi Lasfar, “whereas Sanovo Italy is mainly focused on automation and robotization. At Sanovo Netherlands, we have in-house mechanical, electrotechnical and software knowledge for developing egg-sorting and packaging machines.”

Ready to serve

Over the course of several years, the cooperation between Sanovo and Habasit has broadened from loose parts to complete conveyor belts.

“The quality of Habasit is first of all shown by its products,” says the Senior Purchaser, Martijn Gelinck. “Apart from an optimum friction coefficient, washability is an important factor. The eggs arriving at the belt may break, which results in a residue of pulp on the belts. We must be able to wash the surface with a high-pressure cleaner, leaving the protective layer intact. Habasit belts are perfectly suited for the job.”

According to El Mehdi Lasfar, Habasit is also a reliable partner in meeting deadlines and facilitating fast delivery.

“Habasit distinguishes itself with its short delivery times. If a need arises, everyone is ready to take action.”

“Once a customer belt which processed 216,000 eggs per hour broke down,” he remembers. “Of course, packers and sorters should never stand still at a customer's location for too long. Habasit was on the spot as quick as lightning to replace the belt.”

Apart from this, Sanovo Technology always has a certain number of spare parts in stock.

“Since parts wear out and can break down unexpectedly, we always want to be able to replace them immediately. Sometimes we discover a deficit in our supply, but Habasit is quick to restock the item within one or two days.”

Detecting one crack in a million

Nowadays, machine capacities may well exceed 200,000 eggs per hour, both for sorting and for breaking. With the recently introduced GraderPro egg-sorting machine, laying hen farms and packaging stations can sort and package as many as one million eggs. Therefore, high-grade automation in the form of detection systems for quality and individual egg treatment is indispensable for Sanovo Technology.

“Dozens of sensors monitor and control the speed of the eggs and screen them at critical points for abnormalities,” says El Mehdi Lasfar. “Here think of hair-thin cracks, dirt, weak spots and leaks. The software for this is developed by our own R&D department.”

Possibilities sunny-side up

We also want to make Sanovo ­Technology’s knowledge available to others. “Our detection systems can be perfectly used in other sectors,” explains Martijn Gelinck. “Additionally, we have a company within the group that works for the pharmaceutical industry, inserting eggs with antibodies for the making of the influenza vaccination. We are always busy developing products, and applications, as well as broadening markets.”

For example, Sanovo Technology was very successful in the USA for the last few years, but the prices are presently under considerable pressure for various reasons in this country.

“We are shifting our focus towards other continents,” says El Mehdi Lasfar. “A lot of eggs are eaten and processed in Asia as well as in South America. This provides us a great opportunity as these regions are also huge growth markets which offer us great potential.” (JB)

Susan Dijkhuizen Marketing

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