Dear reader,

after summer everyone is coming back to work full of new impressions, sharing holiday memories with each other.

In this issue we also want to share some memories with you.

Habasit Sweden’s very first memories date back to 1967, the founding year of Nordiska Habasit AB, which makes us celebrate our 50 years anniversary this year. Read about our Nordic history on page 4 and 5.

Mariell is our new team member who is working at our brand new fabrication centre in Bergen, able to ship traditional and modular belts with short delivery time to the Norwegian market. You find more info on page 3.

Conveyor belts are used in many different industries, for example in the stone industry. Read about it on page 6.

On page 8 you can read about Habasit egg processing success together with Sanovo industry.

Habasit is offering a worldwide service. Just recently a Habasit distributor in Mexico and Habasit formed Habasit Rocua. You find more info on page 10.

Find out on page 11 how a Habasit modular belt saved a cat in Istanbul waterways and how those belts are used for cleaning the water.

Looking for 2D and 3D drawings of Habasit products? Read how you can download from the Habasit database on page 12.

Enjoy reading the Highlights magazine,

Johan Tisell
Business Development Manager
Johan Tisell


Edition 03/2017

Highlights is published three times a year in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese.

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Editor-in-chief: Sonja Strimitzer

Editorial team: Jeroen van der Bijl (JB), Shelby Stuart (ST)

Translation service: Justyna Ziębka


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