Professional evacuation

At first sight, Supervac Maschinenbau GmbH hardly looks like a global player. There are no giant production halls, no meter-long assembly lines, nor the monotony of tedious production. Located in the Austrian capital, this innovative Viennese company takes an altogether different approach to evacuation. Although this initially sounds like a disaster control measure, it is actually something quite different.

Highlights took a behind the scenes look at a business that literally takes bacteria’s breath away.

From A to Z
At Supervac, each employee in the assembly department creates a vacuum packaging machine from beginning to end. Since every employee manufactures the product himself, it becomes a very personal project. Everyone must know the steps from A to Z, including how to install a Habasit conveyor belt. The production manager believes in the abilities of each individual as part of a thriving team.

“Until the last quality inspection, no one intervenes in the individual production,” he explains.

During the sealing process, the air is vacuumed out of the plastic packaging, thus ensuring the content’s preservation and sterility. This protects the goods against bacteria and other environmental influences. This state of the art procedure is essential to the food industry and can achieve an extreme level of hygiene where the vacuum is comparable to conditions in outer space.

Most people are familiar with using a plastic bag and a vacuum cleaner to store clothes over the winter. What can quickly become a frustrating battle with a bag at home becomes a breeze with Supervac.

Products are put in a plastic bag and placed on a fabric belt approximately three meters long. They are conveyed into a chamber where the air is extracted from the bag. In around 20 seconds, the machine creates a vacuum in the chamber and seals the package so that no more oxygen can enter. This process greatly extends the shelf life of food products because the majority of decomposition processes require oxygen.

Since most of Supervac’s applications are used for packaging food products, the strictest hygiene standards apply. For this reason, the company utilizes stainless steel along with Habasit belts which meet the specific requirements of the food industry.

Habasit belts must meet all of the special standards necessary for Supervac to manufacture the highest quality machines. Depending on the customer requirement, belts with special accessories are also installed. For example, fabric belts with integrated metal plates are frequently used. The plates are integrated in the belt material at regular intervals and allow clocking. The belt stops as soon as a plate triggers the detector, at which point the suction process begins. Afterwards, the belt continues to run until the next plate indicates that another product is correctly positioned.

Good neighbors
Supervac is the market leader in technology and innovation. The company was established around a half century ago in Vienna and has worked ever since to continuously develop their machines. The company has been using belts from Habasit for almost as long.

Habasit Austria and Supervac are practically neighbors; only a few kilometers separate the two company headquarters in Vienna. This factor is a special advantage when belts are needed on short notice. Service is especially important to both companies, and in emergency cases they work together quickly in finding solutions so that customers can resume production as rapidly as possible.

Habasit and Supervac are not only connected by their long cooperation and geographical proximity but also by their commitment to training employees. On average, a new team member in the Supervac production department needs three to nine months to master all the steps for producing a machine. After this period, each individual is equipped to produce his own vacuum packaging system.

Not the least because of these similarities, the longstanding cooperation is a prime example of good neighbors having a global impact. (CW)

Professional evacuation

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