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after summer everyone is coming back to work full of new impressions, sharing holiday memories with each other. In this issue we also want to share some memories with you.

Our very first memories date back to 1946, the founding year of Habasit, which makes us celebrate our 70 years anniversary this year. Read about it on page 9. On the same page you can also find more recent memories on when our global sales and marketing team came together for a big training event in Switzerland and Germany last spring.

Let us also take a look on how we have recently conquered fine arts by supplying plastic modular belts for the stage of the Vienna State Opera. Read about this exciting project on page 11.

An industry that we are more familiar with is Materials Handling. In this industry we have supplied customers like distribution centers with conveyor belts for decades. This industry is presented in the article on pages 6 and 7.

Have you ever thought of the similarity between a fabric belt and a tailor-made suit? Probably not, so we have written down our thoughts which you can find on page 3.

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Johan Tisell
Business Development Manager
Johan Tisell


Edition 3/2016

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