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Are you looking for alternative cost-effective ways to conserve energy? Our online Energy Saving Calculator can quickly determine the specifics of your company’s saving potential. Our recent addition of Eff-Line conveyor belts can cut up to 45% of energy waste by simply reducing the sliding friction of the belt. This means potentially slashing energy costs by nearly one half. Not only that, but Eff-Line offers longer lifetime of the belt, meaning fewer belt replacements.

The Energy Saving Calculator can assess the savings of utilizing Habasit conveyor, power transmission and tangential belts. By calculating the factors of your specific needs, such as the parameters, the weight of goods, and operation time, the tool can determine your savings for up to one, two or even four years. With clear and accurate data, guessing is no longer necessary when it comes to purchasing the right conveyor belt. The details of your company’s reduced CO2 emissions and drastically lowered energy costs are just a click away.

Take advantage of this exciting self-explanatory tool and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have! Also, check out the video on our website which shows the benefits of the Eff-Line!

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