LINK-SeleCalc now available online!

Habasit is pleased to announce that SeleCalc engineering programs are now available online. LINK-SeleCalc was the first to be fully released. With Habasit’s wide range of plastic modular belt options, choosing the ideal belt for your application needs can be a daunting challenge. Every engineer is all too familiar with the difference the details can make. One must take into account each curvature and incline of the belt’s path. The product’s strength, thickness and durability, its resistance to abrasion, heat, and harsh chemicals, not to mention its hygienic qualities, are all important factors in choosing the best fit.

Specifically created for Habasit’s premium plastic modular belts, LINK-SeleCalc is a web-based engineering tool which does the belt strength calculations on the customer’s behalf. After the information has been entered into the user-friendly questionnaire, customers can now have the belt pitch, radius, drive configuration, weight and properties of the belt easily analyzed. With a simple click the program creates a belt report which can be sent to Habasit and shared between others without the hassle of a download. Together with POWER-, CONVEY-, SYNC- and CHAIN-SeleCalc the online tool covers a wide selection of Habasit's product range in order to meet the needs of every customer.

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